New Cute Bow dresses @ CO2S Mesh Store

You can buy these cute mesh dresses for only 80L each.

Here's your limo to CO2S Mesh Store

Shining colors - Painting an art

New @ Shine and CO2S!

On Felicity:

  • Pants: **SHINE** Mesh Patiala Pants Indian Silk/Pink [MESH] [NEW]
  • Lipstick: CO2Smetics Lipsticks Creamy Hot Pinkish [NEW]



FelicityPorter Solo

Maxi Gossamer and J. H. Couture

  • Bangles: Maxi Gossamer MG - Bangles - Kos - SILVER [NEW] [MESH]
  • Earrings: Maxi Gossamer MG - Earrings - Roho - SILVER [NEW] [MESH]
  • Dress: J.H. Couture *Nadine* MESH Dress [MESH]
  • Hair: Miss C. - Mex I/Brown
  • Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode: Denin Sandal Subscriber Gift - May 13 2012 [GIFT]


Thanks to Maxi Gossamer  and J.H. Couture.


FelicityPorter Solo

CO2S - June Group Gift / Lucky Board and Releases!

Because it's time for cool sweaters. Vibrant colors for everybody!

Check it out at CO2S Mesh Store.


The Accessories Hunt and CO2S

We are pleased to be part of The Accessories Hunt!

In our store you will find 3 pairs of these cute mesh earrings for free! Have fun with this hunt and get accessorized, girl! Go straight to the CO2S Mesh Store.



New Mesh Polo Shirt from J. H. Couture

Awesome new mesh polo shirts from J.H. Couture. They come in 10 stunning colours and 5 male sizes. Check out these polo shirts at J.H. Couture Men's World or at the Marketplace.

On Ric:

* Thanks to Jada Humby!

Ric Crabe

Azul and beautiful events popin'out


Azul is always a dream, we all know that, but the most important thing is how the brand gets involved with the best charity events in SL. This time, Azul is giving support to this amazing event called Asharaya Project - “Giving hope and love to the children of India” that is happening on grid during May 5th until June 4th 2012. Supporting basic needs are the key words to this cause and it is a great chance to all of you support in real life indian kids. It is a simple action that may be a huge difference in some kid's lives.

The other event that is going on and Azul is being part of it is the Culture Shock 2012. This dress I am wearing is called Lucia (so nice, it is my mom's name) and It was specially created for the Miss Virtual Spain 2012. At the Culture Shock you can get an exclusive color and you must attend and participate!


Find more about the events here:   /   /


On Felicity:

  • Gown: Azul- Lucia/Amethyst (MVSpain2012/MissMadrid) [NEW]
  • Jewellery: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Bangles - Lost Eden - Rebecca - AMETHYST [MESH]



Felicityporter Solo

CO2S mesh news

On Felicity:

  • Top: CO2S One shoulder top brown [MESH] [NEW]
  • Shorts: CO2S Mesh shorts beige [MESH] [NEW]
  • Pumps: CO2S Pumps beige black [MESH] [NEW]


CO2S Mesh Store and Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

On Felicity:

  • Top: CO2S Mesh ruffled top black sequin [MESH] [NEW]
  • Shorts: CO2S Mesh shorts Burberry [MESH] [NEW]
  • Shoes: CO2S Mesh pumps [MESH] [NEW]
  • Necklace: Maxi Gossamer MG - Necklace - Celtic Cross - SILVER

CO2S Mesh Store Summer Colors

On Felicity:

  • Dress: CO2S Off shoulder mesh dress Summer [MESH] [NEW]
  • Bag: CO2S Mesh bag hot pink [MESH] [NEW]
  • Earrings: Maxi Gossamer MG - Earrings - Tokyo Tears - Purple [MESH] [NEW]

Hollywood at CO2S Mesh Store

On Felicity:

  • Dress: CO2S Mesh Party Gold Dress [MESH] [NEW]


On Ric:

  • Shoes: CO2S Mesh Male Retro Shoes Wine black [MESH] [NEW]


Did you get your MESH BAG touching the Update group? Or your green sequin blouse in our Subscriber? Stop by and have a good shopping!


Felicityporter Solo


CO2S Night out party dress!

Check it out this GORGEOUS dress availabe at CO2S Mesh Store!

You will find in silver, like this one... in gold, teal, sequin, lace... Girl! You will score your night out!

Here is your cab: CO2S



Felicityporter Solo




Hey, Y'all! New Store in town.

I know I've been a little bit more absent than usual but it was all for a good cause! CO2S - CONFESSIONS OF 2 SHOPAHOLICS Team opened a mesh store! YaY!

So we are getting a little bit busy these days, but I know our blog already has a lot of posts so we are cool about that. We will go back to the normal post "frequency" soon.

Of course we are dying to share what our mesh store has to offer as well. It's hard working but It will worth every second of effort.

We have a SPECIAL GROUP GIFT! This cute, wonderful and posh MESH BAG in PINK waiting for you. Go there and grab yours before we recover sanity and take this gorgeous baby away. Besides... you get another MESH GIFT in our Subscribe List. We like spoiling our costumers :)


You can find all these outfits in our store. Here is the cab to CO2S! Join our group here.

On Felicity:

  • Pic 1 (TV):
  • CO2S Off shoulder dress - Summer [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S Mesh Moccasin white pink [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S hotpink 3D handbag  [NEW] [MESH] [GROUP GIFT]


  • Pic 2 and 3 (garden):
  • CO2S Summer Dress - Cat (exclusive color available only getting the FATPACK) [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S Butterfly Burgundy dress [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S Moccasin Yellow Blue [NEW] [MESH]


  • Pic 4 (purple garden):
  • CO2S Off shoulder blouse Beige with white polka dots [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S Mesh Shorts [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S Moccasins white beige [NEW] [MESH]
  • CO2S 3D mesh handbag Beige and Gray [NEW] [MESH]


Don't forget to visit us! CO2S is waiting for you!!!




Felicityporter Solo (CO2S Designer)

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